An Open Letter to BackerClub: The Lounge, Affiliates, etc.

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Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:31 pm

Is the lounge dead?! I check the lounge daily (often several times a day). I can't recall the last time anything showed up there -- I think it's been like two years. :(

It's a bummer that we don't get paid for referring campaigns anymore, and it's a bummer that we don't even have some surprise fun in the lounge where contests, freebies, raffles, etc. used to be a frequent occurrence. What's happened to the original BackerClub site ? Many active members I've spoken with feel kind of under appreciated. We helped build BackerClub, we still actively invite campaigns, and while we get some neat deals, it just feels like we are losing more than we are winning. There are lots of competing "club" websites now that are or will soon be offering incentives to backers for referring campaigns, and it makes me worry about BackerClub's future. None of them offer a truly cohesive platform where members can chat with each other and campaigns, search for projects, see all participating projects, keep track of our extra perks, etc. Conpare any website to BC/BX (i.e. Funded Today, BackerLand, BackerHack, etc.), and you'll quickly see that they don't stack up. In fact, their affiliate links often don't even work, which is a pretty basic must for affiliate sites, lol. But when campaigns or potential members compare the sites, the price of signup, perks, etc. do the talking -- if there's a better price or perk elsewhere, they'll likely use that site rather than BC/BX. That's precisely what makes backers like me so valuable: we act as a third party who have tried various club sites and can clearly tell them why BackerClub and BackerX are the best.

I realize affiliate programs cost you money, but it would cost you more if us dedicated members just stopped referring campaigns to you. There must be a way to make an affiliate/rewards program work for our beloved site again. For instance, perhaps paying BackerX members can earn referral money again, and then open up lounge activities to all BackerClub members. There must be some other way to afford an affiliate program where BackerClub still comes out ahead without leaving its longest, strongest, and most active supporters behind. In the past week alone, I referred 5 campaigns who joined BC. I keep actively recruiting campaigns because I care about this site and the larger community that benefits from it. It takes time out of my busy day, as well as effort, to contact campaigns and explain what BC/BX is all about and why they should join. It would be nice to get a little extra spare pocket change for that, which I often re-invest into other campaigns like many members.

I'm sure BackerClub itself actively recruits campaigns. There are also campaigns that have seen banner ads and join on their own. But a great deal of campaigns come to BackerClub and BackerX because of dedicated members who are still making a huge effort to tell campaigns why joining forces with BC/BX will benefit their campaign over the competition. Imagine if people like me just stopped doing this. I'm sure there'd be at least 1/3 less campaigns joining if not more.

I don't know why I felt compelled to write this, but it's been bothering more and more. Please, BackerClub -- please rethink your strategy regarding paid referrals, keeping the lounge active, etc. because one of these days, a site is going to come along that'll be amazing in every which way -- with all kinds of sweet free benefits and features (think Facebook for a backers' club). When that happens, don't you want your community to stick with you because they feel incredibly appreciated rather than going to the other team? I'd stay here regardless, but most people would happily jump ship. :cry:

Please, please do something about all of this. I'm posting this note because I care about this site, it's members, and what we all collectively achieve for the crowdfunding community at large. I don't know what can be done, but I implore you to get your team together to come to a solution that will sufficiently reward your most active, dedicated members. Thanks for reading this and taking this matter into consideration. :D
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Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:11 pm

I'm with you. I miss the lounge. Seems like the more projects the less extras the founders offer the members. I used to be active here but became less active over time.
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