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I've noticed a number of questions come up again and again on many projects I've backed. Creators might want to cover these questions in FAQs right from the start:

1. When do I give my shipping address/select options/colors/etc.: in surveys after Kickstarter ends (put this in your words)

2. How do I change my pledge: walk them through manage pledge & include screenshots

3. Ways you can help project succeed: share (include screenshots for social media - maybe do something extra if they share), email friends who specifically share interest (suggest they don't spam entire friends list), talk to people in person (maybe have an easy PDF backers can print & cut up that has title, quick link, short description)

4. How do I do multiple pledges: A. if they can double pledge or combine $$ to get different pledges tell them how & remind them of #1 above or B. email you with new pledge ideas or C. not available - pick 1 pledge only - don't tell backers kickstarter won't let them pledge twice as too many of us have done "double pledges" (we pick $25 pledge - up $$s to $50 & get 2 of item)

5. Anything you think might come up as a question - even if you think you spelled it out in your description (i.e. Operating systems; limited shipping; special instructions; sizes/materials)

UPDATE your FAQs as info changes - you decide to let people do "multiple pledges"; stretch goals change things, new information from manufacturer

As soon as you see people asking a question in the comments add it to your FAQS as well as answering it in the comments & ask yourself "would this make a good update" (don't make those updates backer only - think twice before making an update backer only - why don't you want potential backers to have access to this information?).

I'm sure I'm forgetting some basics. Hope this helps. Remember it's never too late to add FAQs to your project until it's over.
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