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Tue Nov 10, 2020 4:01 am

Then boy have I got good news for you!

Remember Steve Jackson's old Illuminati: New World Order (INWO) collectible card game from the 90s? Well one of the lead producers/designers of that game, Derek Pearcy, has been given Steve Jackson's explicit blessing to take that game into the digital age!

INWO shall soon be returning in video game form as ILCO...Illuminati: Confirmed!

We're updating the cards for the modern age (and keeping things just as irreverent & politically incorrect as the old game), giving it a sleek and spooky interface, and simplifying things by having the system handle all of the math and rules, saving you both headaches and table space. Less time spent crunching numbers is more time spent plotting your sinister machinations!

We're living in an age where everyone has become a bit of a conspiracy theorist, so the time has never been better to revisit this legendary (and allegedly prescient) game! We're also living in an age of Covid-19, so it's probably better if you don't pass actual cards back and forth. Thank goodness for online multiplayer! We're very excited to be bringing this game back, and we've had a tremendous amount of feedback from the gaming community that indicates that they are excited to return to this game of strategy, subterfuge, and scandal.

We have lots of fun things planned for hitting both social media and Kickstarter goals, as well as some stretch goals that fans should find very enticing!

Our Kickstarter ( ... -confirmed) is almost at the end of it's pre-launch phase. We've already got over 400 followers, and if we hit 500 followers before launch we will be releasing a fun, secret bonus. Only a couple of days left before launch day though...let's see if we can hit that milestone!

Thanks for letting us be part of the community, and thanks for all of the great advice you give!