Your personal gym for fitness at home, office, or on the go. The DoubleFlex Black is powered by patented SpiraFlex resistance technology developed to keep NASA astronauts in shape on the International Space Station. 

Combining strength with movement, without weight or momentum, our portable gym is a new approach to functional fitness. 

The DoubleFlex Black is the "professional grade" second generation DoubleFlex, featuring more resistance and additional cable extension for full range of motion. Engineered for durability and long life. 

Together let's make fitness available in everyone's life!











What makes the DoubleFlex Black different than other fitness products like free-weights and resistance bands?

Free-weights work great but are not portable, and trying to control momentum can cause joint pain. Resistance bands produce progressive resistance (like rubber bands), which means the muscle is only fully activated at the end of the movement. 

SpiraFlex resistance is smooth and linear like free-weights, without the weight or momentum. SpiraFlex FlexPacks rated at 5 and 10 lbs. snap onto the DoubleFlex Black, providing up to 20 lbs. of smooth resistance, yet the entire unit weighs less than 2 lbs. 

The DoubleFlex Black is the only device that provides abduction and adduction resistance during a single exercise movement, building a balanced body more efficiently. Also, since the DoubleFlex does not use gravity, a much wider range of functional exercises is possible in all planes of movement. 

Whether you are an athlete or just beginning to exercise, the DoubleFlex Black can help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals wherever you are. No excuses! 









The DoubleFlex Black provides SpiraFlex resistance to opposite sides of muscle groups during each DOUBLEFLEX movement, in all planes of motion, building a balanced body in less time. 

Fitness Director Nick Bolton has created a range of unique DoubleFlex workout programs for all fitness levels that maximize the patented features of this revolutionary new product: from 5-minute targeted workout snacks to full-body 20-minute HIIT programs. 

Laura Jones has created yoga and Pilates programs that add strength and flexibility to classic routines. 

All programs are included on the DVD and available online for streaming. 




It was Mission Critical for NASA to find a solution before the first crew arrived.

Inventor Paul Francis was in the coffee shop below his office reading an article about NASA searching for a solution to prevent astronauts from losing bone density and muscle mass during long duration space flights. Francis believed his SpiraFlex resistive technology could be the answer. He contacted the Chief Medical Officer at NASA and was invited to give a presentation at Johnson Space Center, which led to his SpiraFlex team developing the first Resistive Exercise Device for use in space. So far, over 50 crewmembers on the International Space Station have kept in shape using his patented SpiraFlex technology. 









Paul Francis left the architectural profession to become an inventor (over 20 US and 32 foreign patents so far), launching products in the hardware, personal care and fitness industries. He has also licensed SpiraFlex resistance technology to Nautilus Inc. to power their top of the line home gym, the Bowflex Revolution. 

Francis founded OYO Fitness to integrate SpiraFlex into On Your Own fitness solutions that fit into your fast paced lifestyle. Can't make it to the gym? No problem. 



Dr. Ryan Harrison first discovered our original first generation silver DoubleFlex when searching online for a new fitness product to add to his workout routine. He was intrigued with the technology and design. After using the device for several months, he realized that it would be a great fit for the wellness program he directs at Hillcrest, which now provides DoubleFlex group exercise classes to its members 4 days a week. 



















Fitness Director Nick Bolton developed DoubleFlex workout and nutrition programs for all fitness levels, which were used in his highly successful 10-Week DoubleFlex Challenge Program. Using the original first generation DoubleFlex 3 to 5 times per week and following nutrition guidelines, 15 participants lost an average of 17 pounds and 19 inches in just 10 weeks.

One of the advantages of the DoubleFlex is that it feels like free-weight or cable machine resistance, yet weighs less than 2 pounds. You can skip the crowded and expensive health club, and enjoy a total body workout at your convenience. 











OYO Fitness creates innovative fitness solutions to enable you to get fit On Your Own — helping you meet and beat life’s challenges.

OYO integrates SpiraFlex technology into fitness products that are lightweight, compact, and provide the same benefits as training with free weights.   

Studies show that resistance training not only builds bone density, lean muscle, and burns fat — you will also feel better, look younger, and live longer!


How To & More Information: 

How To Pre-Order the DoubleFlex Black Portable Gym:

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How To Pre-Order Multiple Rewards:

Select the reward package that contains the first reward you want. Add the total cost of any additional rewards you want to the pledge amount of the first reward.

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More Information:


If you’d like to become a DoubleFlex Black distributor, please email us at [email protected]

Gym Owner: 

We desire to help you offer the highest level fitness training and latest innovations, including our patented SpiraFlex technology. We’ve designed the Small Group and Group Exercise reward packages specifically for gyms. If you’d like to offer DoubleFlex Black classes, bootcamps or virtual training, please email us at [email protected]

Group Exercise Instructor: 

We desire to help you offer the highest level fitness training and latest innovations, including our patented SpiraFlex technology. We’ve designed the Small Group and Group Exercise reward packages specifically for group exercise instructors. If you’d like to offer DoubleFlex Black group fitness classes or bootcamps or virtual training, please email us at [email protected]


We desire to help you offer the highest level fitness training and latest innovations. We’ve designed the Small Group reward package specifically for trainers. If you’d like to incorporate the DoubleFlex Black into your personal training, please email us at [email protected]

Corporate Wellness: 

We have received interest in the DoubleFlex for corporate wellness programs because it fits any fitness level and you can easily track workouts and progress. If you are interested to learn more, please email us at [email protected]

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The DoubleFlex is being used in physical therapy too. If you’re interested to learn more, please email us at [email protected]

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Teams are using the DoubleFlex while on the road and for rehab. If you are ready to take our portable gym to the field, court or road, please email us at [email protected].

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If you’re interested in featuring the DoubleFlex Black on your blog or media outlet, please email us at [email protected] so that we can feature you in our updates and send you a press release.

Risks and challenges

No project is without risk, but we have worked extremely hard to mitigate all unforeseen risks in the development, manufacturing and fulfillment of the DoubleFlex Black.

First, the DoubleFlex Black is the second version in the DoubleFlex product line (the first being the original DoubleFlex Silver), so we have already successfully designed, manufactured and fulfilled thousands of units to customers. We are utilizing the same manufacturing and fulfillment partners as the DoubleFlex Silver.

Second, the DoubleFlex Black is an improved version of the DoubleFlex Silver, developed after testing multiple working prototypes. The same OYO Fitness team of engineers and prototypers have developed the DoubleFlex Black, so we know it will hold to our highest standards of portable fitness durability and life cycle.

Third, at OYO Fitness we have an outstanding team of designers, engineers, and fulfillment experts to ensure the entire process from design to manufacturing to fulfillment is executed without a hitch. If a problem arises, we are confident that we will solve them.

Even with our successful track record, there are still risks with backing a Kickstarter campaign—please carefully read Kickstarter's guidelines about what exactly it means when you back a project.

We're excited to implement our manufacturing and fulfillment plan immediately after the campaign and aim to fulfill on time to each and every backer.