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About this project

The average family has 10 Internet-connected devices and counting, creating new security threats and vulnerabilities. What’s worse, unfiltered web content is on the rise. Over 70% of children see inappropriate content by accident.  




Gryphon combines a high performance WiFi router with a simple to use smartphone app, making it easy for parents and families to manage the connected home.

All security features are built directly within the router itself, so there is no complicated software to install on your connected devices.

Gryphon gives parents peace of mind as their kids explore the internet. Software updates and parental control are included free of charge forever. There are no monthly or annual charges for Gryphon updates or parental control.


Screen Time Management 

Through the app, easily set age levels for each device, pre-set bedtimes, homework times, or simply pause the internet to get together for more family time. You can also separately set Internet time limits for each child as well as view their browsing history, even the ones they view in incognito mode.


Real-time Request and Approval From Anywhere

Sometimes, your child needs access to certain websites for homework. If a website is blocked, the child can send a real-time request that will show up on the parent’s phone. The parent can then immediately review and grant permission from anywhere - even from outside the home.

Watch the video below demonstrating the Real-Time Request and Approval!

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Gryphon CrowdRanking(™) 

It’s difficult to know which websites are appropriate for our child. To guide the parent, Gryphon aggregates the approval ratings from other parents and the community through Crowd Ranking™. The ranking is constantly updated based on your child’s age and the approval ratings of your community. 



Safe List Sharing 

Managing your child’s online activities is not just about blocking harmful websites but also about discovering useful content to help your child learn and grow. We made it easy to share your safe lists among friends, teachers, and the community. Think playlist sharing for your favorite music app and you get the concept. :)


Everything in our homes is coming online: speakers, thermostats, light bulbs, cameras, washers, dryers, and everything in between - creating new security threats. The home wifi router manages all the internet traffic that goes in and out of our homes making it the main entry point for viruses, malware, and hackers. Gryphon can keep all your connected things safer with 24/7 intelligent intrusion detection (beta) and active whole house malware filtering.



Intelligent Intrusion Detection (Beta)


Each connected device has a unique fingerprint when it communicates on the network. When there is an attack on the device, that fingerprint will change.

Gryphon Intrusion Detection works 24/7 by using machine learning to recognize the unique fingerprint of each connected device on your network and will warn you and quarantine the device when a particular device's fingerprint changes.

Please let us know if you like to be part of our beta to help us improve this feature.


Whole House Malware Protection

Gryphon also filters the incoming data streams to clean up and prevent malware from entering your home. We’ve partnered with Kaspersky, one of the leaders in internet security. Viruses have digital signatures that change. By constantly syncing with the threat database from Kaspersky, the Gryphon router is always helping to protect against the latest virus outbreaks.



Manage your entire WiFi network from a simple, intuitive, yet powerful app (supported on iOS and Android). It allows you to view all your connected devices, manage site access in real-time, and review browsing history.








Gryphon’s easy to use, high performance technology is packaged in a beautiful and sleek design that is inspired by the sculptural school of mannerism. The days of hiding your router in your closet are over!

We are proud of what we have designed and we want you to also proudly display Gryphon out in the open. It’s not just for looks. The curves allow us to place the internal antennas orthogonally to generate the best radiated patterns for optimal RF performance. By placing Gryphon out in the open, you give it the optimal location to provide the best coverage for your living spaces while enhancing your home design.






We here at Gryphon are committed to positively enriching the lives of our children and improving our communities. We want to collaborate with teachers, schools, and families from all over to help create a safer internet for our children.

That’s why for every $15,000 raised to this campaign, we are giving 5 free Gryphon routers to any school that wants it on a first come, first serve basis.

If you're a school and would like to get in contact with us to receive our free giveaway Gryphons, click on the contact link below our profile on this campaign page and send us a direct message. We'll get back to you with the specifics. Remember, this is on a first come, first serve basis.







We have assembled a global team of experts with a proven track record of delivering award winning products like the Apple iPod and the MiFi mobile hotspot. We’ve worked over the past year creating a beautiful design and developing the software platform. We are using Qualcomm and their latest WiFi technology and are partnered with Kaspersky, one of the leaders in security and malware detection. We have chosen our manufacturing partner.

It's been a long road and we’re extremely excited to introduce this WiFi router to the world.

Now we need your support! In order to pay for the tooling and get the costs to a price we believe creates value for our customers, we need to have a large initial production run. Your support will allow us to place our first large order with our manufacturers so that we can reduce production costs and get Gryphon to families everywhere.