About this project

Crafted from 100% GENUINE LEATHER these wallets are top quality at a price anyone can afford. These unique wallets are some of the most stylish and useful wallets on the market today. Did we mention it is also noticeably slimmer than your ordinary leather wallet?  I love and collect wallets, and have about 20 different kinds. I have leather, plastic, elastic and metal. You name it I have it. I use a variety of wallets and have always wanted one that could meet all the essential needs that someone could have while also protecting your identity. Doing all this while keeping the wallet under .25" thick and also using the best most trusted wallet material of all time. Beautiful genuine leather. These wallets will last you a lifetime and only through kickstarter can you get them at a ridiculously low price!

Ivory with Black Stitching
Ivory with Black Stitching


Something we are very proud of with these wallets is it is not only thin, stylish and useful. It hasIntegrated RFID Blocking material. Yes that is right each wallet has a special material that allows it to block any RFID.

What is RFID?

"Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information."

So basically what that means is anyone with an RFID scanner can come by and just scan your pockets and steal all the information on your credit cards.

But why should you care about this your identity has never been stolen? Well take a look at this ridiculous fact that happens to so many.
"The number of identity theft incidents has reached 9.9 million a year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Every minute about 19 people fall victim to identity theft. It takes the average victim an estimated $500 and 30 hours to resolve each identity theft crime."

Each wallet can hold up to 6 cards and still remain a very slim and minimalist wallet. The money clip is also extremely durable and and awesome alternative to carrying your cash around every day. This wallet helps preserve the simple elegance that is leather, while adding in a few new features that are sure to impress. 

The wallet is EXTREMELY  minimalistic. 

Each wallet is only 1.29oz(36.5grams) and each wallet is only 4.25"x2.5"x.24"  or 108x63x6.1mm

YES, at only .24 inches thick it is extremely thin and can still hold all your cash as well as up to 6 cards.

Final Sketch
Final Sketch

The Design

We wanted a wallet that was 


-Extremely thin

-Different than the same old bulky bifold


-Superb Quality 

Possible LIFETIME warranty

Now here's the thing we are most excited about and that is we have set up a great relationship with one of the most trusted manufactures I have ever worked with. I know what your thinking, how can a small company offer lifetime warranty? I may be jumping the gun here but we already have a number of CRAZY stretch goals which will be released if the project reaches its goal. This will literally be the LAST WALLET you will ever need. That is what we are most excited about, so please jump on board with us now and take advantage of the insanely low prices!