Night Stand, No More.

No more fumbling for your phone, knocking over glasses of water, or being "leashed" to a far away plug by your wall charger. The Night Caddy fixes all that: it's a low profile, clutter-free, customizable storage & charging solution.

Your night stand, trays/organizers, wall chargers, coasters, and whatever else you've crammed next to your bed probably cost upwards of $100-$200. 

The Night Caddy is a clean & simple solution that replaces them all for only $29.


Simplifying is exactly what The Night Caddy is all about. Bedside tables, wall mounted chargers, and catch-all trays...our clutter keeps piling up. The Night Caddy has 4 distinct holding units, for your 4 most common nighttime needs. Here's how they work:

1) Tablet/Book Slim Pocket - Fits any tablet, slim laptops, and books/diaries. 

2) Glasses/Accessory Cubby - This is your "catch all" - maybe you'll use it for reading glasses, or maybe a watch and keys. This square cubby is your place to customize.

3) Spill-Proof Drink Holster - Designed with one purpose in mind: make sure you never knock over a glass of water on your nightstand ever again. No more cautious, painfully slow reaching in the dark to quench a late night thirst. 

4) Smart Phone Storage Bay & Optional USB Charging Ports - Straight forward as it gets. Here's where you put your most crucial carry for safe keeping - no more phone crashing to the ground when you misjudge the distance to your nightstand.



Universal Bed Fitting

Our design features a universal attachment system which allows for The Night Caddy to fit on virtually any bed! Whether you have a bed frame or just your mattress and box spring, The Night Caddy can accommodate. 

Universal Bed Mounting System allows the Night Caddy to sit high...
Universal Bed Mounting System allows the Night Caddy to sit high...


...or low...
...or low...


The amount of space one Night Caddy saves when a bedside table is removed is massive. Whether you're crammed in a dorm room, living in a downtown loft, or enjoying more space in the suburbs, you'll benefit from less clutter and more room to breathe. 

In today's world of "stuff" piling up all around us, a Night Caddy will free up more than just space in your room - it will free up space in your head. 

Less Clutter, More Focus, Better Sleep. 

Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 4 inches

Materials: Highly-Durable ABS Plastic with Stainless Steel Rods

Also Ships w/: Each Night Caddy w/ Charging ships with an extension cord that connects your Caddy to the wall, providing power directly to your built-in usb ports.


$24 - The Night Caddy Plain and Simple - It's time to get your caddy on. Pick from any of the 5 Night Caddy Color Options, with NO USB charging unit or power cord. 

$29 - The Night Caddy Complete - Early Bird - You're first in line for a Night Caddy with a USB charger and power cord. No more being "leashed" to the closest wall outlet. Storage for all you need, plus power to boot. Choose from any of the 5 available colors. 17% off retail!

$31 - The Night Caddy Complete - Late Early Bird - You missed the early bird but its not too late to get a great deal! You get the Night Caddy, USB charger, power cord and 11.5% off retail! 

$34 - The Night Caddy Complete - The EarlyBird spots have all gone, but there's still time to grab a Night Caddy with a USB charger and power cord at Kickstarter pricing. Choose from any of the 5 available colors. 

$56 - The Couple's Package - 2 Night Caddies with 2 charging units. Choose from the 5 available color options, a caddy for you and a friend. 20% off retail!

$99 - The Family 4 Pack - 4 Night Caddies with charging! Have a caddy for every bed in your home! Choose from the 5 available color options, a caddy for you and a friend. 29% off retail!

5 Color Options: Black, Gray, White, Red, Blue

We will send you an email to confirm your shipping address at the conclusion of the funded campaign. Please include your Night Caddy color preference in your reply.

O C T O B E R - N O V. 

Kickstarter Launches & Funds. 

N O V E M B E R 

Funds Received - Tooling Completed - Manufacturing Begins

D E C E M B E R 

- Manufacturing Complete, Product ships to backers before Christmas