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About this project

In 2015 2020 2025 as we consume more and more information we will eventually need a 'stream' at a glance.

Noteu is a Wi-Fi smart alarm clock which keeps you updated on the weather and streams information and alerts that matter to you on the web such as Facebook, Twitter, Email and pretty much everything else all in one place at a glance and touch!

All in one place at a glance and touch

Interact with your social media all in one place at a glance through Noteu's crisp capacitative LCD display. Interact effortlessly at a glance and touch.


I designed Noteu knowing the feeling of opening up a new gadget and I know the experience has got to be unforgettable. It's got to work right out the box and be easy to integrate in with your regular habits throughout the day.

When you receive Noteu you'll also get a micro USB cable and plug which can be used to power Noteu at home and work.


Noteu is available in a choice of blue and white.


Time, Date and your Local Weather Station

Get updated on the time, date and your local weather.

Alarm Clock

Use Noteu like your regular alarm clock and set customised alarms with the help of its mobile app and the ability to snooze as we all need it!


Widgets help you interact with your social media and pieces of information on the web.




I want Noteu to be a platform that is the means to a start and a canvas for your social media and the ever expanding web. If you haven't learnt about IFTTT you must. It will allow you to display virtually anything out there by connecting you with all your favourite online platforms and leaving the power of your imagination with limitless possibilities. 

Below are only a few examples of what you can do with IFTTT,

Shipment Tracking Update

Stock Price Change Alert

SmartThings Garage Door Sensor Alert

Android or iOS App

Noteu uses a very clean and simple mobile app which you can use to connect Noteu to your home and work Wi-Fi as well as set up your various social media accounts and customise how Noteu works with you to display your widgets.

Noteu's Cloud

Noteu and its mobile app connect to its cloud servers where all the magic happens of checking and retrieving your alerts and information that matters to you. Noteu takes advantage of oAuth security which helps establish a partnership between Noteu and your online account for example Facebook where no personal information or passwords are ever declared, known or stored. I take pride in online security and protecting your information. 

 Personalised Name Engraving 

At a small extra cost you can have your own personalized text or name engraved onto your Noteu with all non engraved versions sticking with "Noteu".

 Developer Tools

I want Noteu as accessible to everyone and everything. I'm currently developing web API's with rich developer documentation to allow you to display your own widgets within your own infrastructure and can't wait to see how you innovate and the exciting new use cases.


I have my own 3D printer as well as maintained connections with PCB and component manufacturers in China. I can output up to one hundred Noteu's per month currently with a single 3D printer but as demand rises this can be dramatically increased with the addition of 3D printers. I also have the labour around I can hire and manage to deliver any high demand of Noteu.

Technical Specs  


I've spent a long time on Noteu's hardware making sure its just right for manufacturing to scale. Noteu's made up of :

- Case : 3D printed PLA

- Wi-Fi : 802.11 b / g / n

 - LCD Display : 2.8" TFT Capacitive

- Microcontroller (the brains) : 1284 Atmel AVR

- Sound : Piezo Beeper

- Micro USB connection : Can use USB Plug given or PC

- Mobile App : Android or iOS (apple)


Current Progress

I've got a huge chunk of the work done already and with your support I can build an iOS app and finally manufacture, test and then finally ship and deliver Noteu. I will also have a workable product which I can use to build a business by marketing it online using the skills I've gained in social meida. I will also buy additional tooling for a sharp increase in demand.

 My Story

I've loved to invent and build hardware and software since I was very young. Its only until recently I've got a desire to innovate within the exciting new Web, Home and Business of the future where smart technology like Noteu and home automation are peeking over the hill!

Starting from making a simple circuit with an LED and battery, to launching multiple Android games and tools to Google Play then to developing, launching and maintaining a fully fledged social network with over 20,000 memebers. I then embarked on Noteu's journey last year where I developed many prototypes and launched an initial prototype which was successfully funded where I got to make and ship 37 of them and learnt an insane amount the about the business side, hardware, manufacturing and logistics. With the addition of a full colour LCD, touch as well as a modern case I think Noteu has whole new feel to it. If you have a spare second, check out the last update of my initial successful Kickstarter for Noteu where I talk about everything I did right from the idea.  

Linku, predecessor to Noteu
Linku, predecessor to Noteu

I've always done this independently while being very social and down to earth. I've gained such a diverse and broad set of skills around Web 2.0 which I want to place into action. I've also gained huge insights from being both the inventor at the hardware and software level as well as the innovator on the front line.


I believe in complete transparency and treat every backer as a partnership between you and me as I believe the cutting edge, great ideas and customer satisfaction is always around you. I will urge to take on board your feedback so we can grow Noteu's vision of being the seamless platform to centre and interact with your social media and web of the future.

If you have any initial feedback please make a comment or share it through my Google form :


Your share makes a difference

I'm amazed when I see people underestimate the power of their sharing and how a lot of very small hammering can make an ice berg explode. Being that small hammer is appreciated by me (and helps a lot!) also you can take credit showing Noteu to your friends and especially that one that would love it! 

Keep in touch with Noteu and me and I'll start to post content about Noteu and technologies that are arising in the smart home and business of the future.



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Fourth Attempt

This is my fourth attempt for Kickstarting Noteu improving it dramatically each time gaining more experience then I ever have with anything. Kickstarter has literally Kickstarted my life allowing me to pursue what I like to really do. If you decide to support me it means so much as a creator because its actually so hard to get support and I have so much gratitude for it. Especially at every hurdle and I can't avoid speaking from the heart after four very long and hard attempts to get traction independently. I want nothing more then for you to use Noteu, make you proud, and to experience what I've worked so hard to perfect.


I was fortune enough to get my story for Noteu's initial prototype told in multiple newspapers.

January 21, 2015, The Chronicle Page 3
January 21, 2015, The Chronicle Page 3
January 22, 2015, The Journal Page 11
January 22, 2015, The Journal Page 11

 Contact Me

If you have a question, query or just want to say hello message me through Kickstarter or email me at [email protected] 

You can also find me through Noteu's site :