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8th Generation FLEXFIT
8th Generation FLEXFIT


A Message from Our Founders:


FLEXFIT was inspired by an 8th grade STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) project of our co-presidents, Rachelle and Matthew, who are now Juniors in high school.    

They wanted to help their peers. They wanted to make a difference.

KRAM Wellness (Kinetic Range and Motion) was born from this passion. Parents Dave, Heather and Jack, who are engineering and entrepreneurial professionals, joined in on the journey. 

2 ½ years later:  

Taking a STEM concept to a proven product, do our teen founders have Shark Tank in their future?

 Meet the Team:












Through networking we have developed relationships with fitness and health professionals that have driven the development of our initial concept into a production ready 8th generation design.  

Networking. Education. Research. Action.  

We’re giving a big shout out to Nick Normandin, CrossFit Coach and Fitness Expert and Sarah Davis, Physical Therapist and Wellness Coach who educated us on the many benefits of trigger point therapy and self-myofascial release through foam rolling.  

Feedback from over 100 evaluations of people of all ages and fitness levels was studied and solutions implemented to address every concern.


8 Design Generations of FLEXFIT
8 Design Generations of FLEXFIT

Networking also allowed us to conduct a 6 week full clinical study with results evaluated by the Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention. 40 participants aged 14-56 used FLEXFIT every day and range of motion measurements were taken at the beginning, the middle and the end.

Unbelievable experience. Fantastic feedback. Proven results. 

Participants saw an average of a 20% increase in range of motion! 

Our 7th generation is fully functional but we want to improve the trigger point therapy feature by replacing the off-the-shelf end caps with those custom shaped to maximize the effect.

Funding Goal:  $8,200 for a Steel Mold

We are currently working with a local plastics manufacturer for the steel tooling needed to produce our custom design. Because we have produced fully functional design prototypes which have been evaluated in test markets and validated by clinical study results, our production timeline from here is short. 

Shipping in early December just in time for the holidays!  

All funds raised will go directly to the purchase of the steel mold and manufacturing FLEXFIT.


Launching into Production
Launching into Production


Self-Myofasical Release and Trigger Point Therapy
Self-Myofasical Release and Trigger Point Therapy


We are proud that FLEXFIT is assembled in the USA in Leominster, MA.

We are even prouder that we have partnered with The Arc of Opportunity, an organization who empowers individuals with disabilities by employing them in the workforce, to assemble FLEXFIT.  

We have been so fortunate on our journey that we want to share our experiences with other teens. Get them involved. Expand the energy.   

We want to create jobs through the success of our Kickstarter campaign and hire local teenagers to assemble production FLEXFITs working alongside these great people from The Arc.  

Practice compassion. Help our community. Pay it forward. 



Definition of a FLEXFITTER: An awesome person who is experiencing the benefits of stretching using FLEXFIT!  


Choose yours and join our FLEXFIT Revolution today!