About this project

We know kids can be 'picky eaters'. We also know kids can be 'picky drinkers'.  As parents, we are challenged with finding beverage options for our kids that are also a better options than sugar-filled juice boxes and sodas.  We always look to provide our kids with way to be healthy and improve their development. 

Drink Blocks was created to provide a "Better for You" beverage option for parents and kids, which tastes great and can help them fuel their imaginations!  It's why we call Drink Blocks "Hydration for the Imagination!"

Drink Blocks is a DRINK, A BILINGUAL TOY, A COLLECTABLE, and a FUN WAY TO LEARN. It is a great tasting, naturally flavored water....zero calories, zero sugar, Gluten Free, and Diabetic friendly.  Sweetened with natural Stevia plant extract and is clear in color so that it won't stain kids cloths.  Drink Blocks packaging is 100% recyclable, is BPA Free, and is targeted to mom's seeking "Better for You" alternatives for their kids, as well as being a great tasting, fun product for kids. 

The true innovation comes in the shape of Drink Blocks - a rectangular shaped 8 oz. bottle package that is connectable, stackable, and collectible so children can build just about anything they can imagine. 

Drink Blocks is currently covered by 10 patents with protection in 38 countries so far.

In addition each Drink Blocks bottle features licensed characters from the popular animated television series for children, "Chuggington" (Disney Channel), which is a popular kids show on Disney Jr. and Power Rangers, a popular show on Nickelodeon and NickToons - as well it offers learning around the letters, numbers and words, for on-going education and interactivity between parent and child. Drink Blocks is also Bilingual to capitalize on growing multi-cultural trends.

Drink Blocks is the "Better for You" kids drink.  Drink Blocks is hydration that your kids will love to drink and is packaged in a unique bottle that will give them hours of enjoyment and learning.

Drink Blocks is Naturally Flavored Water that tastes great!  Drink Blocks is a zero calorie, zero sugar, naturally flavored water that is sweetened with Stevia and features a patented package design.  (Stevia is a natural 100% zero calorie sweetener.) 

Drink Blocks contains no artificial colors or flavors, is Gluten and PBA free, and available in a clear stain-free formula.  Our first four flavors include: Apple, Fruit Punch, Orange, and Grape.

While Drink Blocks is great tasting, they also provide kids with educational and play value.  Children can build just about anything their imagination can dream up by collecting, connecting and stacking blocks from all 3 collector series: 

            (Numbers, Letters, and Words)

In partnership with Chuggington, the popular kids TV Show, and the Power Rangers brand, we endeavor to make your kids beverage experience about more than just satisfying their thrist for something good to drink. 

A Fun Way to Learn

No matter your child's age, learning is fun with Drink Blocks.  Your kids can learn their numbers, letters, and colors using Drink Blocks while they build with them.  Each has a unique Chuggington or Power Rangers character that your kids will recognize from the TV Shows.

A Bilingual Toy

Drink Blocks are also designed to help your kids learn a second language.  Each block is bilingual, featuring both English and Spanish to enhance your child's learning experience.

Building Ideas

Building requires imagination and creativity and Drink Blocks helps your kids develop that imagination. Here are a few more of the many ideas that may get their imagination started when they start building with Drink Blocks.  It's hours of fun that really expands their imagination.


 Drink Blocks are 100% recyclable HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) plastic. HDPE is known for its large strength-to-density ratio.  This will ensure long lasting durability and hours of fun.  Moreover, they are PBA Free, which makes them safer for your kids and better for the environment.

Currently, we are going through the process of test marketing samples of Drink Blocks in a few locations.  We believe we have a great product you will be happy to give your kids, which your kids will enjoy.  Our goal is to one day soon, have Drink Blocks available on your local Supermarket shelves.  But in order to make that happen we need your support!

We are currently small-fish in the gigantic beverage market.  We don't have a problem being underdogs because we believe Drink Blocks will make a positive difference in your kid's lives. 

We can challenge the major drink brands (who also tend to offer the sugar-filled drink alternatives)the best way we know how - by getting it into your hands and letting Drink Blocks and your kids smiles speak for themselves. 

We know that you and your kids will enjoy Drink Blocks and we hope you can help us.  Please select one or a few of our Drink Blocks packages from the rewards you can find to the right and see below!

Thank you in advance and please help us to spread the word about Drink Blocks by sharing us with your friends and on your Social Media channels!  Thanks again!

BTW:  You don't have to worry about us being able to fulfill your orders when we succeed or having to wait months to receive your rewards.  Upon reaching our goal and the close of this campaign, we will get right to work in bringing Drink Blocks to your home!

We have created a limited supply of Drink Blocks, which we are using in select test markets.  So far, we have met with very positive responses - happy parents and happy kids!  However, in order for us to continue forth with its ultimate production and market availability, we need your support. 

Please feel confident that we can bring you Drink Blocks.  We have years of experience in the beverage industry and we know how to deliver. 

Please back our product so we can share Drink Blocks with the world and do our part in providing the "Better for You" kids drink option.


YOU are the most important link between Drink Blocks and the rest of the world. In order to grow Drink Blocks and change the drinking habits of kids while providing them with some fun, we need you to tell your friends/family and the easiest way to do that is through your social media channels such as: TWITTER; FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, LINKEDIN and GOOGLE PLUS.  Thanks for your support in spreading the word!