About this project

Hi my name is Dhanistha Rivera and I am so excited to share my cookbook project with you all! For only $25 you can reserve your own First Edition copy of Breakfast & Tofu. Please Back this Project :)

A meal is something I have never taken for granted. I’ve been a vegetarian since birth and growing up in Mexico, I learned how to connect and be creative with the most basic ingredients within my environment. Cooking has been a part of my life ever since I can remember, and I love everything about it: the community, conversations, experience, laughs and beautiful food.

Last year I created The Vegetarian Blog and thanks to the amazing followers, they inspired me to create this cookbook. Whether you're having breakfast at a table, camping with your friends, or you only have 15 minutes to make breakfast, this cookbook will surely entice your taste buds with surprising and unexpected tofu dishes with flavors from around the world. 

"Breakfast & Tofu" will be the beginning of a cookbook series "Life & Tofu" where I hope to share with you all the adventures and wonders of my creative tofu recipes. 

"Breakfast & Tofu" is almost finished, and through the Kickstarter pledges, your pre-order will allow me to print my First Edition batch and deliver them directly to you by July 2015! 

"Breakfast & Tofu" is my labor of love in the kitchen. Tofu is an underestimated wonderful source of protein and is also gluten free. You can manipulate its flavor, texture, and easily use it as a substitute in egg and meat recipes.

Hopefully, through the Kickstarter pledges, I will be able to self-publish with a local book publisher(Bookshop Santa Cruz) here in Santa Cruz, California. The book will be roughly 100 pages in a "7.5 x 9" paperback, and by printing it in the US we can help sustain and support our local economy.


These mouth-watering recipes are fun creations of mine to add more exciting flavors to tofu, not only can it be used in asian cuisine but also in Italian and Mexican fare.

With beautiful photography for each recipe, I hope "Breakfast & Tofu" inspires you to cook a fantastic meal for your friends and family.


My passion for beautiful and simple design motivated me to go to school to be an interactive designer. After graduating two years ago from the Art Institute, I created The Vegetarian Blogwebsite, and with tremendous support from family and friends I realized my true calling was cooking, and traded in my blazer for an apron, my briefcase for a ladle, and my office for a kitchen.

All the photography, recipe content, color palettes, layout design and copywriting was created by me (Dhanistha Rivera) and I have fully committed myself to creating this cookbook as of last year. My desire is to establish myself in the food industry, and with your help, that dream will become a reality and I can turn this hobby into a full time career of sharing my creative vegetarian recipes with you all.

Venezuelan arepas de reina pepiada is a traditional gluten free savory breakfast with crispy corn patties stuffed with chicken in a creamy mayonnaise and avocado sauce. In my recipe I make it vegetarian by substituting the chicken for fried tofu and using eggless mayonnaise and spices. This is seriously one of the BEST BREAKFAST recipes, you will be highly impressed with! 

All the recipes in the book are vegetarian but can easily modified to vegan, and over half of all the recipes are gluten free. It can be difficult to find delicious and exciting gluten free recipes but within this cookbook you will discover many playful latin fusion recipes such as these enticing Venezuelan arepas.

Why $10,000?

The money will go largely towards the printing costs of “Breakfast & Tofu”, book materials, merchandise gifts, domestic and international packaging and shipping costs, a marketing campaign, and Kickstarter fees. 

If we can raise more than our goal, we can print more books as well as begin production for Lunch & Tofu, the second installment of my cookbook series. With your help we can show the world the phenomenal wonders that tofu has to offer through this creative and beautiful book.