About this project

Dimond (Dy-mond) Point is based on the passion for finely crafted awesomeness and the testosterone boosting power of manly gear. The unique name of Dimond is derived from a deep heritage of Swiss quality and craftsmanship. The Patriot Pen looks to carry on this passion for precision right here in the good ole' US of A.

Every man needs gear that not only works well, but also testifies of his complete studliness. Backing this project will show your heightened sense of style and quality, and will ensure that every onlooker will know you are a man with real mettle.

The Patriot Pen is a lightweight, unique tool that doesn’t just write well—It looks killer doing it. The Patriot Pen is machined from high-quality military grade 6063 aluminum. It's anodized black, achieving a rugged Type III hardness, and is sure to handle the abuse of even the toughest user.

The Patriot grip comes in two finishes. For the rugged manly man we offer a knurled finish for an extra grip-tight hold. If you are a stealthy special ops type of guy you have the smooth finish which is ideal for prolonged writing situations. Either way you will find yourself knee deep in pure manliness.

Quick Facts

Early Design Sketches 

Early Prototype

The End Result

After months of fine-tuning the idea and process, the final product is one we are very proud of. We have a sleek, lightweight man pen. The very presence of the pen in your pocket adds several points to your man card without doubt.




Length with cap: 7 in
Length without cap: 6.25 in
Diameter: 0.375 in


To show our gratitude for your support we are offering up some great rewards. Dive below and feast your eyes on what you can get your hands on.

Refill options are Black or Blue. After funding we will ask which color you would prefer. If you want multiple refills please add $1.00 per refill.