Zeus-X Pro

Zeus-X Pro - Powerful, Versatile, Futuristic
Detachable Magnetic Neck

We made a change on how adapters are, on the Zeus-X Pro. The neck of the cable which holds the two, Micro USB and Lightning Adapters is now magnetically connected to the base of the USB-C connector. This means if you find yourself in a situation where the adapters are in the way, you could detach the magnetic neck and slide it down the cable for more ergonomic use.

You can learn more about Zeus-X Pro in our update

For existing backers: You can now add Zeus-X Pro to your reward by adding $59AUD to your current pledge, you can add as many as you like.

If you will like to upgrade your Zeus-X to Zeus-X Pro, simply add $30AUD for each upgrade.

For New Backers: We have also created a new pledge tier for the Pro version, check it out! 

 Introducing the World’s first all in one cable that provides fast charging even for your larger devices such as Macbooks and other USB-C Laptops! The new truly one for all Zeus-X cable supports 18W Apple Fast Charging and 60W Power Delivery for laptops!  If you own more than 2 devices that have different charging interfaces, this is for you! 

 We are bringing back the 6-in-1 features of the cable you love the most and making some tweaks based on user reviews and feedback. As USB-C is making its way to everyone’s lives in the foreseeable future, for the ultimate versatility we introduced USB-C as the main input and output.

Employing the same idea and dream we had in first campaign, the Zeus-X cable retains all the features that made it the leading 6 in 1 cable in the market. This cable is now truly the one and only cable you will ever need on a business trip, a holiday, a photo shoot session or even a date!

 With the main USB-C output along with Lightning and Micro USB adapters, this cable allows you to charge 99% of USB-devices on the market such as your laptops, smartphones, Nintendo Switch, wireless speakers, Bluetooth headphones, cameras and much more!

 Oh! For maximum versatility, we also incorporated a USB-A adapter on the other end for those of you who want the best of both worlds, the present and the future! 

 Note: The cable length is 1m/3.3ft, options for a change in length of cable will be available if we hit our stretch goal!

 "Let's go!"

"Heeyy wait, give me 30 minutes I need to charge up my dead phone"

30 minutes later, you have 18% battery and your phone dies within an hour.😞

Sounds familiar? We have the perfect solution for you! 

Need extra juice in a short time? With 18W Apple Fast Charge, you will be fully charged in no time! 

 With Zeus-X , you can fast charge from 0-50% in just 30 minutes! That's more than 6 hours of usage available for just 30 minutes of charging!

 Zeus-X can fast charge your iPhone almost 3X faster than your conventional cable! Say goodbye to your old, slow and fragile charging cable! 

Note: A PD-Compatible Charger is required to activate Fast Charging(Minimum 18W). Only iPhone 8 and above support this feature. Refer to Apple's official website for supported devices.

Imagine this, you are laying comfortably on your couch and your laptop runs out of battery……instead of using the cable that is charging your phone, you now have to drag yourself up, find the laptop charger, sit down and plug it in…..Waste of my time if you ask me…..


You can use Zeus-X with your laptop charger and fast charge your phone and laptop seamlessly! Isn't that convenient? 

With 60W Power Delivery, you can fully charge your Macbook Pro 13" in just 1.5 hours!

 Introducing the Calico Fabric braided cable which after thousands of stress tests shows unparalleled strength and durability. This innovation allows the cable to withstand the toughest use under any situation and environment. The woven exterior of the cable not only provides crucial structural integrity that could prevent tearing and fraying from everyday use, it also helps it withstand extreme forms of punishment. Doesn’t matter if you are skiing in the alps, riding through the Sahara desert or on the ocean facing rough winds, Zeus-X will be ready and operational to help you keep your devices charged and data transferred.

Super strong and durable with up to 15,000 bending lifespan

Before realizing our dream of building the perfect cable, me and my team had multiple cables which works great but would get worn down so quick after multiple uses that we would have to buy new ones every year. When we started this project, we took it personal to see that the cable that we made would be made of the best quality components and fabric that would be able to withstand heavy uses under all situations for a long period of time. After testing more than 20 types of fabric, materials and weave patterns, we found the perfect combination which incorporates quality, flexibility, durability and strength. This material provide our cable with over 15,000+ of bending lifespan and still works like a charm!

We have utilized our experience and expertise to make our cable

Powerful - Zeus-X uses 20 AWG copper wires - A much thicker and more powerful copper wire, allowing it to carry more current across the cable and thus charge 3x faster than conventional 1A/ 28AWG cable! 

Longer Lasting - The tinned copper core provides anti-corrosion properties which make the cable last much longer even in environments with high moisture and humidity. This is commonly used in marine appliances and cables to extend their lifespan. 

Stable - The internal of the cable is coated with an aluminium foil to minimize external interference, ensuring a smooth and stable charging and data transfer.

Safe - Thanks to its 20AWG copper core, Zeus-X has a very small electrical resistance across the cable ; thus minimizing heat lost and prevent overheating. The external TPE fire retardant plastic will ensure the cable never catch on fire.

Note: AWG stands for American Wire Gauge - It is a U.S. standard set of non-ferrous wire conductor sizes. In summary, it is a measurement of the diameter of the copper wire in a cable. Lower AWG represent thicker and bigger wire diameter. 

Need a quick data transfer on the go? Zeus-X got you covered!

Unlike multi cables currently on the market that only focuses on charging, we at Futurizta Tech have made so that Zeus-X supports stable and secure high speed data transfer across different devices including Android Smartphone, IOS devices, GoPro, Camera and much more!

 Support Android Auto and Apple Carplay. 

 Based on numerous tests and trial runs, we have made an improved smart chip which further protects and supports fast data transfer. The new smart chip runs on an adaptive algorithm that regulates the amount of power that runs through the cable to ensure that you would have the fastest data and power transfer speed available without compromising your safety and security. This smart chip allow Zeus-X to charge various gadgets ranging from small appliances such a smartwatch to power-hungry laptops with the appropriate power to ensure fast and secure charging! 

 Big companies tries to sell you 6 cables separately to maximize their profit whereas we just want to make your life easier. Why buy 6 cables and clutter up your bag and workspace when you can get one cable to do everything for all at such an affordable price!

Forget about powerbank, now you can charge your phone with your buddy's phone!
Watch drone footage directly on your phone!
Charge your Earpod with an iPad Pro!
Zeus-X - The ultimate cable to make your life easier!
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Organize your cable easily with FlexiClip!
Transform easily into a Phone Stand!
Adjustable Angle
Strong & Steady

To add this add-on to your order, simply add $5 AUD to your current pledge. You will also have the choice to add it later in BackerKit. 

Make your life easier with this super convenient cable organizer and a handy phone stand whenever you need! 

When paired with our FlexiClip, Zeus-X will have 8 functions in 1!  Just imagine bringing this combo out and you will be able watch movies and charge your phone hands-free! 

Hold, Charge, Enjoy!

Prototypes and Samples

After months of testing and quality control tests, we've chosen a new manufacturer that produces the best cable quality that meets all our requirements and standards.

When our fundraising goal is met, we will immediately begin mass production so you will be able to get our Futurizta Cable as soon as possible. The fund raised will go towards mold creation, materials, production, packaging and shipping.

With the experienced gained from our first campaign along with years of E-Commerce experience, we are confident to deliver the product on time with the help of top-tier fulfillment company. As for our track record, we've delivered and fulfilled all our first campaign's rewards on time! 

We would love for you to be a part of this campaign and family. What we need now is your support to kick start this project. With your help, we will be able to introduce this ultimate all-in-one cable to the world and pursue our dream of making your life easier!

Design Choices & Ideas

Of course, we would love to develop the ultimate universal cable with 100W Power Delivery! However due to the compatibility issue between E-Mark chip(Required for all 100W Charging Cable) and  18W Apple fast charge chipset, we are unable to make this happen at the moment. Based on our survey, most people prefer to have a faster-charging speed for their smartphone as this is the devices they use from day to night. Moreover, 60W is sufficient for most laptops for light to medium work and it can still charge decently fast for bigger laptop like Macbook Pro 16" or XPS 17".  Thus we've decided to opt for the 60W + 18W Apple Fast Charge configuration. Do not worry, we will continue to work on this and try to find a workaround to solve this issue!  

 Why not make it magnetic?

Why not magnetic?

 We love the idea of magnetic cable and we even sell our own magnetic adapter! However magnetic cable falls short on certain circumstances.

Connect your phone to your magnetic charging cable and put in your pocket or bag; When you take it out, you will realize that they are disconnected and your phone is now out of battery :(

Planning to game or watch movies in horizontal mode? You will have hard time trying to keep the magnetic cable in place - They snap off too easily! 

Thus, We've decided to move on with the adapter design as it provides better stability and usability. 

We are proud to announce that our Futurizta Cable V1 is awarded with the "Amazon Choice" badge, a badge for highly rated and quality product.

Amazon Choice
5 stars review from our lovely customers!

"This thing pretty much covers everything"

"A nice braided cable"

"Support Fast Charging, very good very good!"

Check out full video here!

Reviews from our Official Store

 Thanks to the support from our backers, we have now expanded our business to US and Australia. We have partnered up with Amazon as our logistic partner in these countries. Once our production is completed, we will send a portion of the stocks to our Amazon warehouse in Australia and United States so we can utilize their fast express shipping to deliver the rewards to backers as soon as possible! 

For backers outside Australia and United State, we will use international shipping which usually takes 10-15 business days. 

 Mass production should be completed on November and we can start shipping if everything goes smoothly. However we have added an extra month as buffer to ensure we have time for any unexpected hiccups or obstacles.  

 Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, we are unable to provide an accurate shipping quote right now as the price fluctuate everyday. However as our cable is small and light, we are confident that we can keep the shipping fee under $10. The actual shipping fee will be provided after the campaign ended. We will also provide express shipping(DHL or Fedex) for backers who want to get the product as soon as possible. 

Note: Family Pack and Office Pack's shipping fee may be slightly expensive as it contain more units and thus it is heavier.