It all started with a need for Superior Craftsmanship. Let’s face it, the standard outdoor recreational chair has been a poorly built product for decades; easily broken, fabrics that tear, and are generally uncomfortable to sit in. To eliminate these problems, we sourced the highest quality materials we could find to build a product that stands up to the demands of the outdoors.     

Voyager was built to be functional & comfortable. We took a long hard look at what people wanted from their outdoor chairs and it came down to 4 key performance components. 

1) Ergonomically designed comfort: Sit where you're supposed to sit. Not too high, not too low. The Voyager sits in what we call the Goldie-Locks Zone. Just right. 

 2) Hands-Free Carry / Double Pack: Hands-free-carry satchel/pack strap that gives your hands the freedom to carry whatever the day demands & Double Pack (fold and carry) that secures those extra items needed at your destination.  

 3) Interchangeable Cup Holder: Cupholder fixtures built into either side of the framing (left/right) with cutouts designed for cans, insulated water bottles, and coffee mugs.   

4) Multiple Products in One: A detachable cooler is conveniently located under your seat for easy access to your favorite items and contains 4 exterior zipper pockets that store and protect your most valuable belongings.  

 Voyager Design Stages

The final design of the Voyager chair came across our desk by complete surprise. Our original idea was to make a basic chair with unique patterns, but as we dug deeper, & listened to our audience, we quickly learned that they desired more! Overnight, the product took on a life of its own. The design imagery below shows the evolution of Voyager from the initial concept to what you're backing today. 

 Cooler Design Stages 

The cooler was actually the easiest part of the process. The biggest question came from interior engineering. We wanted a cooler that could carry more than just some cold beverages and a sandwich. We wanted it to safely hold keys, phones, tablets and more. So we designed an insulated interior to hold ice for 8 hours, welded the seams to eliminate leakage into the additional exterior pockets, and added 4 additional storage locations for those smaller items that we use in our daily lives.  

 Strap Design Stages

The strap became one of the most pivotal design pieces for the project. Padded for comfort, adjustable for use in any situation, the strap of the Voyager has 3 common carry styles:  satchel style, over the shoulder side-carry, and traditional pack style.  

 Back PARKIT today! Every pledge comes with a Voyager chair, a detachable cooler, and a carry strap. 

May 6, 2020- Kickstarter Launch

June 10, 2020 - Kickstarter Campaign Completed

September / October 2020 - Sampling & Tooling Process Concludes

November 2020  - Production Begins

January 2021 - Production Complete, Start QC

March 2021 - Orchestrate Fulfilment

April 2021 - Ship to Backers

PARKIT is a community of passionate explorers. PARKIT would not be here today if it weren't for the friends, family & fans who believe in our mission and have supported PARKIT since ideation in late 2017. With this Kickstarter, our community is about to expand, big time, and we're excited to welcome you into it.  

We need your help to spread the word about PARKIT & Voyager; the success of this campaign will determine the future enjoyment of outdoor exploration. Every post, share, and pledge counts!