Here at BRÜ we're on a mission.

A mission to simplify the tea making process. A mission to cut down on wasted water and wasted energy in your home or office. A mission to remove the inconsistency that stands between you and the perfect cup of tea.

After more than 2 years of development and testing, we're finally ready to launch and introduce BRÜ to the public. 

BRÜ - worlds first automated tea machine for loose leaf tea and tea bags.

With BRÜ, you have the freedom to set your brewing time, water temperature and cup size at the twist of a dial and push of a button. The machine saves your previous settings so you can quickly repeat the process without having to change the settings every time.

The 'perfect cup' is different for everyone. Whether you already know what that is for you, or if you're still seeking that experience, BRÜ lets you easily control the process to help you discover and perfect the best combination of tea strength, temperature and cup size. 

We're not saying we know what the perfect cup is, we're saying we've created the best tool to let you explore what perfect is for you - and make it that way every time.

There are a lot of types of tea in the world. More flavour combinations that we can list, available as both loose-leaf and in tea bags. While developing BRÜ, we knew it was important that you can drink any tea that takes your fancy, so our included spoon and sieve let you do just that. 

With BRÜ you don’t need to buy expensive tea capsules or pods. Simply use the tea that you already have at home or explore new types and flavour combinations with ease. 

Every BRÜ machine comes with our specially fitted stainless steel spoon for teabags, and a superb micro-mesh sieve for tea leaves. Whatever you drink, we've got you covered. They also make it clean and easy to dispose of used tea, and keep things ready to go for next time. 

With your settings dialled in, you can make the perfect cup of tea. every. single. time. That means the same quantity of water, the same brew strength and the same great flavour - with any type of tea. Remove the inconsistencies of making tea and just enjoy drinking it. You'll never forget to take the tea bag out again...

BRÜ+ features what we're calling the Ring Outlet. This dispenses hot water evenly around the rim of the glass chamber, meaning it not only fills evenly, but once the tea is dispensed, the walls are flushed to make sure every last drop of tea lands in your cup - leaving it fresh and clean, ready for your next perfect brew. 

This means less time spent cleaning your machine, and more time spent enjoying tea. 

The regular BRÜ has a standard outlet which has a flush function that keeps the brewing chamber’s bottom and its outlet clean after each cup.

With the built in Infinity Mode you can throw away the kettle and get BRÜ to dispense hot water at any temperature you need until the 2l tank empties, or you choose to stop it. The temperature of the dispensed hot water can be adjusted to your preference.

Perfect for pot noodles, making jello or those times where you just want an instant coffee. With BRÜ in your kitchen, you'll never need a kettle again.  

With the ever growing need for greater sustainability and better energy usage, we're waging war on both electric and stove-top kettles. One of the most shocking discoveries on this journey has been the vast amount of energy and water that is wasted every single year just from making cups of tea.

With BRÜ you only heat what you need. No more over filling and repeated boiling of water you're not going to use. Not only does this save time and money off your energy bill, but it also saves the planet. Fact. 

Every BRÜ machine is fitted with multiple sensors to keep it as safe and easy to use as possible. No hot water will flow into the brewing chamber until the lid is closed, and your tea won't be dispensed until a cup is detected - meaning you'll never walk into your kitchen to find a mess on the floor if you forget to put a mug in place.

We also have water level sensors in the drip tray and rear tank so BRÜ will let you know when you need to clean the machine, or when there is not enough water for your chosen cup size.

 BRÜ is extremely easy to keep clean. The removable glass brewing chamber is made of laboratory-quality borosilicate glass (just like Pyrex®) and the attached outlet tube is made of food-grade silicone - both are fully dishwasher safe. We recommend they're taken out and cleaned every 8-10 cups of black tea.

Our BRÜ+ model features a full-cleaning function which means the need to remove the chamber is significantly reduced.

For any accidental drips or spillages, the catch-tray can also be removed and cleaned.

For those times when you don’t want to wait for your tea to cool down to a drinkable temperature, we’re currently working on a “cold-tea mode”. When activated, the machine will brew a strong but small amount of tea, dispense it into your cup and then add cold water from the tank to dilute it. Giving you a cup of tea at the perfect temperature to pick up start drinking! In this example, the tea cools down around 20°C / 68ºF in just a few seconds. *concept demonstration* 

As announced, even if we don’t reach the campaign stretch-goal, we will still be developing the app as it’s what we wanted from the beginning. Here is the current status of app prototyping:

The main functions so far are:

Change settings like:

If you have any suggestions or wishes for the app, let us know by dropping an email to:  [email protected]

 The app will be available for iOS and Android

We are happy to announce new colour options for BRÜ!

We’ve had a lot of messages asking if any new colours will be made available, so now we’ve smashed our $200k stretch goal we have 6 colour options for you to vote on - the winner will be announced at the end of the campaign, and will be made available as the 3rd colour option for you to choose for your order! For further information on how to vote please have a look on update #3

We will send the machine in the configuration (plug and voltage) for your country, but you will be able to change that during the survey stage if you’re not buying a machine for the region you live in.

Changing between Metric and Imperial units is going to be a user-changeable setting within the machines control menu.

We hit the magic wall of $500k just about 4 hours before the campaign ends which means that the app stretch goal is officially achieved! Thank you! 

Want to give BRÜ to someone as a present for the upcoming holidays? No Problem!

Because of the time it takes to setup manufacturing and make sure everything is perfect, we won't be able to ship BRÜ in time for the holidays this year, but that doesn't mean that you can't provide BRÜ as a gift. 

Every BRÜ machine comes with our amazing double-walled glass mug and a unique gift card. 

Both, glass mug and  gift card  will be sent out in November this year. The gift card has a code on it that can be redeemed for a machine - think of it as a machine voucher of a gift certificate.

If you are buying the machine as a present for someone, you can give them the gift card and they can use the code on it to redeem a machine. They will need to provide their address through our website to have the machine sent to them once production is complete.  Just make sure they don’t lose the card.

If you buy the machine for yourself, you can ignore the gift card and just enjoy the glass mug. The machine will be shipped to any address you provide.

It has been a long road to get BRÜ to be Kickstarter-ready. We have been through numerous prototypes, and done a lot of component testing to make sure we pick the best possible parts to go inside. 

Durability testing has been a key part of our development process. We've focused on ensuring that BRÜ is built to last by repeatedly testing areas such as the lid hinge mechanism, control dial and water tank for any weaknesses or failures over time.

The outer body panels will be injection moulded, the ones shown here are all very high quality functioning SLA 3D-prints. The design of the machine is finalised, and we're waiting for the campaign to end to give our tool makers the green light to get started!

All the accessories and removable parts - such as the metal drip tray, the stainless steel spoon and sieve, even the glass brewing chamber are all finalised pre-production samples. These won't change, and will be the exact parts backers receive!

Hi Kickstarter, my name is Bogdan. I'm an engineer, tea lover and founder of BRÜ (formerly CleverTea). Many years ago I felt there had to be a better and easier way of making a great cup of tea but nothing existed. Eventually I couldn't wait any longer so decided to begin developing my own solution. Fast forward another 2 years, and I'd built up a team of amazing people who are now a part of the BRÜ family and, with lot of development and testing behind us as well as patents in several countries, we are finally ready to launch BRÜ

We've come to Kickstarter because we need your help to get production started, and want to bring you along on the journey with us as we get these machines out to all corners of the globe!

After a long time of development and testing, BRÜ is very close to being manufactured. We have chosen our factories and suppliers, and chosen backups of backups of backups should anything not go to plan.

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