SkyValet provides a feature-packed compliant smart luggage for the modern traveller. 

The SkyValet Luggage Collection features:

Athalon has been making quality outdoor gear for over 40 years for the ski, outdoor, and luggage industries. It's also the world-wide licensee for Harley-Davidson luggage and backpacks. In addition, we are also the Samsonite licensee for golf travel products. 

With this experience in luggage and our dedicated team, you can be assured that your SkyValet will be delivered.  

1) Choose the SkyValet Luggage system fit for your travel needs style by selecting the SkyValet model you’d like and then clicking “Back This Project” or "Select This Reward".

2) On the next page, input your shipping address and payment information and submit payment. Shipping is free for the US, EU, Canada, Japan and China. 

3) Welcome to traveling smarter and in style with SkyValet. We will send a survey at the end of the campaign confirming your pre-order, color selection and shipping address.

We have studied and learned from previous campaigns in order to introduce smart luggage you can actually travel with. 

SkyValet offers the first luggage collection with a patent-pending wireless phone charging dock that secures your phone in place while you’re rolling through the airport.

It features the latest Qi technology and delivers up to 7.5W fast - charging speeds to phones.

If your phone doesn’t have the ability to wirelessly charge, we have available a razor-thin adaptor (which can be added on after the campaign) that you can place on the back of your phone (it will even fit with a case on) and then any phone will have the ability to use the Charging Dock. 

What you need to know about Shark Wheels

Over the development process, we've all worked closely to perfect the revolutionary wheel in order for it to be suitable for Luggage, after starting out in the Skateboard industry. 

Many of us have more than one device to charge at the same time. So, we also have built-in dual USB ports which are secure and protected by the “snap shut” cover which protects them from damage while in transit. Both the USB ports and Wireless Charger are all controlled by the single power bank included with you SkyValet. 

SkyValet comes with a removable 10,000 mAh power bank that fits into a specially built-in pocket on the carry-on and overnight business case. 

Our power bank is sleek, lightweight and removable so you can use it whenever and wherever, even when you’re not traveling. As long as the battery pack is removable, which SkyValet’s is, you will have no problems at the airport since you can easily remove it whenever needed — no screws or hammers needed, trust us!

Power Bank is not included in the Medium and Large suitcases, as these must be checked.

Our Patent-Pending Magnetic Front Pocket revolutionizes how you travel on the go. 

Instead of struggling to get your electronics or papers out of the Carry-On or Overnight Case (especially while passing through security), the one-touch push button will have the front pocket glide open instantly. 

The SkyValet dual locking system for the Carry-On and Overnight Business Case and single locking system on the medium and large suitcases are operated through the free SkyValet app by Bluetooth. 

On the smaller sizes, the lock controls the main compartment and the magnetic front Pocket.   

The lock is easy-to-use and secure with interlocking zippers that can only be unlocked by you with the SkyValet App. 

In addition, if for any reason, connectivity through your phone or other device is not available, a key is also provided for backup to open your case. 

The lock is TSA approved for security screening purposes. 

Only on the Medium (25") and Large (29") Luggage 

Our sleek built-in scale is integrated into the carry handle on our Medium and Large size suitcases only. 

The weight of the suitcase is quickly and easily displayed at the push of a button. The weight can either be displayed in Pounds or Kilos.

Our 22” SkyValet meets all size regulations for carry-on for all major airlines.  A zipper-less, one-touch opening front pocket for your essentials and a convenient split packing design for your clothes. Wireless Charging, dual USB ports, Shark Wheels and more, make this a great carry-on.  This will be your new favorite travel bag.

Overnight Business Case - The workhorse of business professionals re-designed. All of the unique new features of our 22" Carry-On are translated into our uniquely designed Business Case, allowing you to access your computer and papers in a snap. You will love the ease of use to access your files and essentials. In addition, pack enough clothes for a one to three-day trip. 

The Medium Check-In allows you more packing space for your longer trips.  A split compartment packing style allows for organization and easy access to your stuff.  An added feature of a built-in scale is included in this model so that you can know your weight in advance to avoid any excess weight fees. 

The Large Check-In is your kind of bag for longer trips or when you just like to pack a lot. It is also good for sharing to cut down on those checked bag fees. Also included is a built-in scale so that you can know your weight in advance to avoid any excess weight fees.

All of the SkyValet luggage products are built with:

Losing your luggage is the last thing you want to experience after a long flight which is why you can add the SkyValet tracker to your luggage. The SkyValet GPS Tracker will be available as an add-on after the campaign. 

Included with your SkyValet is a Proximity Distance Notification feature. Within the SkyValet App, you can set your preferred notification of anywhere between 15 feet and 50 feet (5 meters to 15 meters). 

When your bag is out of that selected range, you will be notified via the SkyValet App. 

With all of the added features and benefits that are included with the SkyValet, we’re happy to say that packing space has not been sacrificed one bit! The Carry-On can comfortably accommodate your needs for up to a week-long trip.  

Andy Nitkin — The Head Maestro (Founder): A luggage industry veteran and leader for over 30 years. Andy has brought to market many new and innovative travel products while also leading us all. A pioneer in the luggage industry that brought some of the most famous fashion names to the world of luggage.

Robert Goldner — The Number Cruncher (Founder): Another luggage industry veteran for over 25 years. Bob’s experience is finance and tries his best to keep everyone level headed. A graduate of New York University Stern School of Business, he has never left the city life while his gray hair imparts wisdom to us all.

Eric Goldner — The Idea Guy (Founder): A recent graduate of the Kelley School of Business specializing in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. His forward thinking of ideas helped get this all started. Eric has co-ordinated many of the different aspects of the development and campaign to bring it all together.

Zack Fleishman — The Wheel Guy: Zack is the COO of Shark Wheel and has been instrumental in developing many of the innovative SkyValet features. Before running the day to day operations of Shark Wheel (who appeared on Shark Tank season 6), Zack was traveling the world on the professional tennis tour. Don’t mess with Zack on the court as he was ranked in the top 150 worldwide. But, he still can’t roll as fast as a Shark Wheel.

Francis Ma — Tech Collaborator: Francis has designed our lock and our integrated wireless charger. He is a longtime manufacturer of sophisticated components to various products. His capability to bring our ideas and concepts from drawings to prototype has made this all possible.

Allen Lai — Factory Par Excellence: Allen is our manufacturer and is the second generation owner of this 35-year-old factory. The factory produces luggage for some very well known international brands. He has been personally involved in bringing this product from idea and concept to final product. Not to mention, that he works 24/7!

Andy — Electronics and App Developer: Our designer for our electronic lock and App has been in the electronics industry for over 10 years. He has developed apps for some of the major lock companies worldwide.

Sarah Kim — Designer: Sarah is the name behind all of our great SkyValet graphics. She is relentless in her pursuit of perfection and passion for all that she does.

The Others — Many other talented techies, and marketing people and luggage heads are a part of the great team at SkyValet that are working behind the scenes to develop our “Smarter Way To Travel.” 

Page Design: Lucas Williamson

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