Women’s lives have changed radically, but our jeans have not caught up and we have to sacrifice comfort and utility for style. Not any more. Introducing RADIAN JEANS - deep yet subtle pockets, 4-way stretch, temperature regulation and a fit guarantee!

How to use this chart:  Please refer to our sizing chart to choose your jeans size that fits best. We will also send you a short form after your pledge to get some more information in order to make sure that we send you the best fitting jeans. 

We will have one of our team members be on-site at the production facility to ensure each and every single pair of Radian Jeans is delivered on time and meets our and your high standards. 

Textile factories require minimum orders to include us in their production runs. With your pledges, we will be able to hit production minimums and jumpstart manufacturing. Every single one of your pledges matters in helping us reach that goal! If we exceed our goal it will also allow us to explore other innovative ideas and keep bringing women the most helpful, innovative and high quality fashion out there!