The only comprehensive online program that takes you on an in-depth data science journey. You will learn everything you need to become an expert data scientist in months – from the fundamentals of Mathematics, Probability, Intro to Data & Data Science, through Tableau, SQL, R, and Python, all the way to Machine Learning. All this explained with beautifully animated videos and real-life business examples. Over 46 hours of on-demand video, from 13 courses with 336 exercises!

The Problem

We believe there is a critical educational gap between the supply of highly trained data scientist experts and the surging demand of the marketplace. Never before in the history of the world, has mankind faced such a massive quantity and variety of data that needs to be processed and analyzed. Data is practically everywhere, and more and more companies rely on data science for their decision-making. And this affects every industry – from the obvious digital-based businesses to traditional ones like medicine, aerospace, logistics, automotive. All this data can be an extremely powerful instrument for business success when properly handled.

Yet, despite the acute need for trained experts who can make sense of data and turn it into actionable stories, there are just not enough data scientists out there.

One of the reasons for this gap is the lack of accessible, adequate, and comprehensive training programs. Traditional degrees are either too expensive and time-consuming, or too narrowly-focused and rigid.

The Solution

We, at 365 Data Science, believe this educational gap should be filled! That is why we want to create the 365 Data Science Program – the only comprehensive curriculum that can help you become a skilled data scientist within months. Even if you don’t have a quant background!

We thought hard about the right approach to becoming a successful data scientist and identified the biggest challenge to entering the data science field – having all the necessary resources in one place. Thus, the idea of the  365 Data Science Program was born – an exhaustive series of courses which flow smoothly and complement each other. We envision it as an agile online data science degree that will teach you everything you need to become an expert data scientist, at your own pace. Like any traditional degree, it guarantees a seamless experience and a verifiable certificate. Unlike traditional degrees, it will only take months to complete, at a fraction of the cost.



The 365 Data Science Program

The 365 Data Science Program is a comprehensive set of courses that covers everything you will need to become an expert data scientist – from the fundamentals of Mathematics, Probability, Intro to Data and Data Science, through Tableau, SQL, R, and Python, to Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Here is a detailed list of all the included courses and why you need them.

Data Science is a buzzword. But so are big data, business intelligence, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Each has its subtleties, and, as an aspiring data scientist, you need to be able to understand the peculiarities of each field in order to identify the appropriate approach for any problem. Our Intro to Data and Data Science gives you a broad overview of the subject and all those buzzwords.


Because only when you've seen the bigger picture, can you begin to learn the tools that will actually help you DO data science.

Mathematics is a broad subject, but there are specific subfields that are heavily employed in data science: calculus and linear algebra – and this is what the program covers.


To provide you with all the numerical tools you need on your programming journey, and to eventually understand the most complicated of machine learning algorithms.

Statistics is an important subject in data science and has its roots planted in probability. It is featured in the statistics, advanced statistics, and machine learning sections of the 365 Data Science Program – that’s where the program gets you thinking in events, sample spaces, and… probabilities.


Just as mathematics training is needed for writing code and machine learning algorithms, probability training is essential for practicing statistics and, eventually, machine learning.

One of the myths in data science is that ‘you do everything with code’. In fact, a lot of number crunching happens in Excel. Preprocessing, especially for smaller datasets, is much faster done in Excel, rather than with Python, R, or SQL. Moreover, non-technical audiences often understand Excel spreadsheets more easily than they do data frames and arrays.


To get closer to the audience of your data science output, and to spare yourself coding when there is a faster way to do it.

Before becoming a data scientist, you must start thinking like a scientist. The basics of statistics lies in framing your problems as hypotheses and using different techniques to test these hypotheses – exactly what scientists do.


To start thinking like a scientist and get used to the data science lingo.

R is a programming language specifically designed for statistical analyses, data manipulation, and graphics. It has an avid user community: libraries and task-specific packages are constantly created and improved. Together with Python, R is the most widely used programming language in data science, with statistical resources second to none.


Because, anecdotally, R is one of the tools that facilitated the creation of data science in the first place.

Python is among the ‘relatively young’ programming languages that managed to disrupt a number of disciplines. One of them is data science. Unlike R, Python is a general-purpose programming language, meaning that you can do anything with it – from web applications through computer games to data science. There are extremely powerful libraries developed to facilitate data manipulation, transformation, visualization, etc. However, Python’s greatest advantages come when dealing with machine- and deep learning in particular.


It is the leading programming language for developing, implementing, and deploying machine learning models through powerful frameworks such as scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, etc.

At the workplace, you often need information from a database. There are two options – extracting it on your own or contacting the IT team. SQL is a domain-specific language, serving the niche of relational database management, which gives you the freedom to extract, transform, and load your data, circumventing the IT department.


Because you can’t be a Data scientist if you can’t pull out your own data, can you?

Data scientists deal with data and design data-driven decisions. However, companies have C-level executives making those decisions and they must be convinced by the story the data tells. That’s where data visualization and presentation come into play.

Tableau is the leading visualization software in business intelligence and data science, and the 365 Data Science Program will help you become an expert Tableau story-teller.


Because BI tools such as Tableau are the data scientist’s best friend when it comes to communicating complicated results to non-technical audiences.

SQL and Tableau can become even more powerful when combined. Harnessing the power of both tools, you can extract information from one or multiple databases, using Tableau, but coding in SQL.


Data science is about combining diverse expertise to connect the dots.

On top of SQL and Tableau, you can also add Python. Tableau has powerful ‘computational fields,’ and, combined with SQL, can lead to remarkable results. However, should you need complex preprocessing or agile real-time machine learning, then an integration with Python is your best call.


Combine and conquer… Because there is no better way to present a machine learning insight than through a simple visual representation done in Tableau.

Machine learning relies on statistical methods to provide (sometimes) unparalleled accuracy. The links between classical statistics and machine learning are models such as regressions, clustering, and factor analysis. ‘Advanced Statistics’ is the section of the 365 Data Science Program that covers this “middle-ground” set of techniques.


Predictive modelling is what truly differentiates data science and the ‘Advanced Statistics’ section will make you an expert in it.

The pinnacle of the program is machine learning. Often, a data scientist is differentiated from a data analyst purely based on their ability to employ machine learning in their work. The Program covers all common machine learning techniques and finishes off with deep learning methods with TensorFlow.


Machines can learn on their own and companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc., have been taking advantage of that for years. Why not control the machine yourself?

Here are some screenshots from the various courses:




Who is this Program for: The Aspiring Data Scientist

You are wondering if the 365 Data Science Program is right for you? There are three points you need to consider.

Are you the “data scientist type”? If you are inherently curious, analytical, creative, like challenges, hate boring days in the office, and preferably feel confident with numbers, then the answer is yes. If you can imagine yourself like a detective who deciphers massive amounts of data to suggest a solution to a case, then you are ready to join the elite league of the most in-vogue profession of the century – the data scientist.

Would you like our style of teaching? You may expect a presentation-like style, but instead we bring you beautifully animated videos that simplify the most complex of topics. Our examples are based on real-life cases that make the program more practical, and your skills – more easily applicable to actual situations. Moreover, during your data science journey, we will be there to help you navigate through chaotic datasets and turn them into meaningful insights.

Is it easy to get a data science job? Data scientists are like a rare species – every company is looking for talented and educated experts, but there are just not enough out there yet. Hence, the average annual base salary of a US data scientist is over $120,000. And with this surging demand for talent, the data science industry will only continue to grow.



Who we are

We are seasoned and passionate educators, who strongly believe in the power of easily-available, relevant, and affordable information. We love to teach and help people grow, but never forget that we have all been absolute beginners at some point. In the spirit of the Enlightenment, our greatest professional fulfillment is the opportunity to transfer our skills and knowledge to our students.

We come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds but are driven by the same credo – that every curious mind has the fundamental right of access to top-quality, yet affordable and accessible education.


Here are some of our credentials:


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The 365 Data Science Certificate


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Build a winning CV

We will help you build a successful CV that will impress employers and friends alike. As part of the process, we will provide you with an industry-specific template, review your CV, and offer feedback and editing. We want you to get that job! ?

Create an impressive data scientist portfolio

Apart from the cases you will work on during your 365 Data Science training, we will suggest additional projects for you to complete. They will become part of your data science portfolio that will demonstrate to potential employers that you have the skills and experience to provide value to their company.

After finishing the program, you should be able to successfully complete the projects yourself, but if you experience any difficulties, we will be around, with hands-on help.

Get a business perspective (MBA)

You get an extra 10-hour-long MBA-focused on-demand video!

Data science is about generating insights and telling data-driven stories that help businesses improve their performance. To ask the right questions, you need breadth of knowledge. The 10-hour MBA training will teach you the cornerstones of business administration; it will give you the knowledge and confidence to manage your data science projects and your teams with clear goals in sight. Learn business strategy, management, marketing, accounting, decision-making and negotiation, and gain a competitive advantage over the majority of purely technically-trained data scientists.


Data knowledge and data analysis will continue to be major differentiators in the world of business and in daily life. We believe that by teaching you how to manage and process data, the 365 Data Science Program will empower you to become a more effective professional, to better run your business, or just to make sense of our fast-changing world. We are very excited about taking you on this journey and thank you for helping us make it a reality.

Thank you!