The Kickstarter community continues to amaze us with their enthusiasm, feedback, and support. With your help, our Trailhead Adventure Pants quickly became the most-funded technical pant, ever. Here's what people are saying about our best-selling pants:

We’re bringing you the same comfort, versatility, and functionality of the Trailhead Adventure Pants--now in shorts! We've listened to your feedback and upgraded the fit and features of these best-selling pants to bring you functional, stylish, and durable Trailhead Adventure Shorts, in men's and women's designs.







You choose the style and color. You'll be able to make your selections once the campaign ends. 


You choose the style and color of the shorts and pants. You'll be able to make these selections once the campaign ends.







We've upgraded the style and fit of our famed pants to create new sizing for the Trailhead Adventure Shorts. With three colors to choose from and styles for men and women, you can be sure there's a pair for you!








Coalatree started on a rural farm in Western Colorado by a group of friends on a journey to create sustainably sourced apparel and multi-use products. We’ve since grown, moved to Utah, and left the farm behind, but our commitment to environmental responsibility and the values we cultivated and have stayed with us.

Sustainability is behind everything we do. By working only with bluesign® approved facilities, we consider our environmental impact in every step of production, minimizing our impact in design, testing, manufacturing, distribution, and shipping.

The Trailhead Adventure Shorts, like the pants, are constructed from a combination of ripstop nylon and polyester mechanical stretch, both made from recycled materials. Surplus yarns and plastic bottles are smashed, melted, and spun into new fibers that are woven together to create this innovative fabric.

Our factory partners are working towards zero emissions through green initiatives such as gray water recycling, energy-saving ventilation, solar and energy-efficient lighting, on-site wetlands and green spaces, and much more.

Conventional manufacturing methods use toxic chemicals, produce hazardous waste, and contribute significantly to carbon emissions. We work only with facilities that are bluesign® approved, ensuring the highest standards are met in efficiency, safety, and clean manufacturing.

Our hangtags and packaging are printed on recycled paper with post-consumer waste content, keeping trash out of landfills and preserving our forests.





Who We Are

Coalatree designs eco-minded gear and apparel for the adventurer in everyone, from athletes and photographers to your average city folks and weekend warriors. It’s our passion to bring elements of the outdoors and the city life together. Whether you’re summiting the tallest peaks or lounging around town with friends, our products are practical, stylish, and functional. Being ready for anything is what we’re all about.

Greet the Outdoors

To us, a MTN2CTY lifestyle is one of adventure, freedom, and ease. We wake up early to catch sunrise on a ridge before seamlessly transitioning into the office. We’re out on the town on a Friday night with friends then up for dawn patrol on powder days. To Greet the Outdoors is to be ready to pack our bags, hit the road, run the trails, and explore.

Our Giveback

Each year we use surplus fabric to create warm blankets for the homeless in our hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. We also partner with local organizations to maintain the hiking and biking trails we frequent and to protect the integrity of our watersheds.

Why Kickstarter?

By offering you first dibs on our newest products, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. Kickstarter allows us to cut out the middleman and bring you a product that you’ve directly helped bring to life.