This remarkable device will change the way you experience the outdoors. Compact and powerful, Radius creates a 110 Square-foot Zone of Protection, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of biting mosquitoes, and without the use of chemical spray repellents.

Radius works differently than sticky sprays and lotions. Radius uses heat to activate a clean, scent-free repellent. Once activated, the repellent spreads out to create an invisible zone of protection. So instead of treating your skin and clothing with chemical repellents, Radius targets the mosquitoes themselves with a tiny amount of airborne repellent. You simply turn it on… and within minutes, the mosquitoes are gone.

With a fully rechargeable battery and a repellent cartridge that lasts up to 40 hours, the portable Radius can be taken with you to virtually any outdoor activity.


The Radius Starter Kit comes with all the components you need to immediately keep mosquitoes away and start enjoying the outdoors again.


A lithium-ion battery powers an internal heating element that silently warms and activates the repellent. Once activated, the repellent disperses to create an invisible zone of protection that keeps mosquitoes from entering into your outdoor space. And it works continuously, releasing fresh repellent to maintain the zone of protection around you.

 A key breakthrough behind Radius’ effectiveness is its repellent formulation. Radius uses an EPA-approved pyrethroid active ingredient. Pyrethroids are based on a naturally occurring repellent found in the chrysanthemum flower. This natural repellent from the chrysanthemum flower has been used to fight insects for millennia – dating back to ancient Egyptian times.

Radius uses an advanced pyrethroid that is highly effective, scent-free and is activated at a low temperature. This enables Radius to create and maintain the zone of protection using lithium-ion battery power. Unlike other area repellents that require intense heat from combustion for activation and dispersion, no flame is required, eliminating the use of candles and liquid fuels.


Creating a Zone of Protection with Radius couldn’t be easier. You simply insert the repellent cartridge, close the cover and turn it on. It’s push-button simple.


If you’re like us, you love the outdoors, but hate mosquito bites. And we’ve never been satisfied with the other options out there to protect against them. Sprays and lotions can work, but they’re messy, and we’ve never liked covering our skin with chemical repellents. Candles and torches look nice, but they don’t really work. And you can’t really take them with you. So we invented Radius. Combining modern digital technology with nature inspired repellent formulation, we think Radius can change the way the world fights mosquitoes. Join us, and say good-bye to chemical spray repellents!


Mosquitoes are a tough problem, and many others have tried and failed to come up with a better solution than sprays to fight mosquitoes. At Thermacell, fighting mosquitoes is our business. We're committed to finding a better way, so you can take back the outdoors.  

Started by entrepreneurs over a decade ago, Thermacell has created a growing business behind our family of butane powered zone repellents. But we wanted to bring a zone mosquito solution for everyone. To do so, we needed to make a smaller, longer lasting product that was simple to use. We also realized people would want to travel with it, and our original butane platform made air travel problematic. These were the challenges our product team faced…and was the genesis of Radius – Thermacell’s all new rechargeable battery powered platform.


The big question is always, how well does Radius work? To prove its effectiveness, we put Radius through extensive outdoor field trials by a third-party facility in Georgia. Placed in a controlled outdoor enclosure, Radius was exposed to hundreds of biting mosquitoes. Two groups of CO2 baited traps were set – a test group placed near the Radius Repeller and a control group set outside of the Radius Zone of Protection.

After the test period concluded, the traps were emptied, mosquitoes counted, and data recorded. The results showed Radius to be highly effective in reducing and eliminating mosquitoes in a 110 square foot area around the repeller.

At the same time, we also applied for and received EPA approval for sales of Radius. So you can be sure that it meets EPA standards for use on patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces around your home. 

100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand behind our products and our quality. If you are not completely satisfied with your Radius Repeller, you may return it to us for repair, replacement, or refund. 

Warranty: Thermacell® products are guaranteed against defects under normal use for one year from date of purchase. If your product fails to perform satisfactorily because of defects in material or workmanship, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. If you register your Thermacell® product with us, we’ll double your warranty period to two years.


We are Thermacell, a small group of Boston based innovators and entrepreneurs who believe that the outdoors are best enjoyed free from mosquitoes. We want to change the way the world fights mosquitoes, and help people get more out of the outdoor world. Our team brings a diverse range of experience in the consumer products space. Collectively we’ve launched dozens of products that have sold millions of units. We’re also experts in insect protection, with over 50 years of combined experience in preventing and fighting insects.

While Radius is a revolutionary new product, it is not our first zone repellent. Thermacell is the leader in the design and development of Zone Mosquito Protection. We’ve sold butane powered versions of Thermacell for over a decade, and have earned a loyal following among outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, Thermacell currently enjoys the highest consumer ratings in the mosquito repellent space. Our technology and products have been used by the military and has been proven effective in some of the toughest mosquito infested areas.


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We are looking to Kickstarter to help make this product a reality for everyone who loves to be outside. For the people that pledge to our Kickstarter effort, we have incredible deals and incentives to ensure you are the very first to own the new Radius repeller.


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