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Anything related to any of the Member's Lounges in BackerClub.
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Mark & Billy have a right to make as much money as they can from BC. Could be millions. Not overly relevant. The questions & issues I posed is about how both assets & customers feel & the impact it might have on their business. Creating contest created a situation of expectation by members. Had contests not existed backers probably would not expect anything. Referrals similar - if they weren't suggesting we refer people we wouldn't care as much about the criteria nor would we expect money for referring backers/creators. This is where trying to motivate backers creates unexpected headaches for the founders. But how much money they make should still be irrelevant. The relevant questions are:

1. Are they motivating us in the ways they want

2. If not (which seems to be the case) what changes could they make to motivate us to do what they want

FB & Twiiter make millions doing things I don't like but I still use them as they are necessary for my business. And I complain when they do things I don't like.

Any business will do as it will. In today's world with social media one of the things that separates different businesses from their competition is how they treat their customers & in some cases assets. There business might spawn competitors who do things differently but then they are competitors to existing businesses like Backers Hub.

Having helped co-found several businesses, helped write several business plans to be reviewed by others including the small business association, the most critical parts is showing how you will profit and how you will differentiate yourself from competition. So again if they were to make $100k or $5 million in profit is none of our business. What is our business is the questions:

1. Is the club meeting our expectations/needs

2. If not are the founders willing to make changes to meet our needs or should those of us hunappily leave instead of causing "sideways" issues
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First off, Mark/Billy, as you might guess yesterday wasn't a very good day for me. I was having a LOT of problems trying to get my own business off the ground and I took most of that frustration out on you. I meant what I said about the issues I saw, but I could have expressed myself much differently. And for that, I'm sorry.

I'll admit, when I started doing the math, I expected the Founders Image to end up with a LOT more than I came up with. And, to be honest, I don't begrudge them that money now as I did before working that all out. When I came to that realization, I left it in so that others might come to similar conclusions.

But the fact remains that while this site might be called Backer Club, it is a business and, at least in my now 33 days as a member, the Founders have done little (that I've noticed) to foster a club-like feeling beyond having these Forums exist so we, the Members, can talk to each other.

And, I am also still left feeling like a commodity, not a valued part of the whole. Without Members spending money pledging and time helping Creators, Backer Club wouldn't have a "product" to sell. But my checkbook and experience seems to not be appreciated beyond a point here and there on a spreadsheet designed to entice the next Creator to pony up funds to be listed here.

Finally, I'm waiting to see the results of Tasha's analysis of projects that have been listed on BC since it's inception including stats on what kind of projects have gotten listed and how likely a BC-listed project was to succeed compared to the overall stats on KS. I have one project fairly well fleshed out in my mind and am now in the process of collecting the numbers so it can succeed, and at least 4 others in the "musing about it" stage. But, to be honest, at this exact moment in time if I was, say, 30 days out from launch, I don't know that I'd submit any of them to BC. And, as a Member, that REALLY makes me feel bad.
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I am sorry, i am new here. What is pay with tweet? I am sorry if this is a silly question but people are discussing spins and the like, where is this taking place? Thanks in advance
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Mon Jan 11, 2016 5:08 am

deathsembrace wrote:I am sorry, i am new here. What is pay with tweet? I am sorry if this is a silly question but people are discussing spins and the like, where is this taking place? Thanks in advance
Welcome to BC!

I think "Pay to Tweet" was an old contest from last year. BackerClub periodically does contests and provides cash incentives for referring people and campaigns to join BackerClub. Always keep your eyes out for e-mails where BC will announce new special contests/incentives.

In the meantime, always check the "Lounges" area in your BC account (you never know when they'll post a surprise reward or contest), and you can always refer people/campaigns to join BC; you'll find your referral link and instructions in your BC profile (just don't post your link/invites in campaign pages or other inappropriate places -- it's against TOS).

Enjoy the rewards of being a BC member! I love BC!