Early Bird counted in "all tiers"?

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Wed Oct 14, 2020 2:24 pm

If a project offers for Backerclub a discount on all tiers, and asks us to pledge on the $1 tier, does this include the early bird?
e.g. (assuming free shipping)
Offer: "Backerclub members get 10% off on all reward tiers. Select $1 option to pledge."
Tier 1: $5
Tier 2: Early bird: $100. All gone!
Tier 3: Regular $110.

Is it correct to https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/ https://speedtest.vet/

A: Choose tier 1, and pledge $90 ?
B: Ask the creator each time, which is slow and the project could reach the deadline soon.
C: Choose tier 2. If so, then what if early bird is not full, Backclub becomes useless?