Feedback for Money Opportunity - Hang N Locks Picture Hanger

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- Starting with a quick skim through, I really the page. The images gave a good quick and easy representation of what the product is and what it does. One thing that could help people who just skim projects to decide whether or not to look closer would be displaying the price in an easy to read graphic

- Not all picture frames have wires. Can I use this product if the picture frame doesn't have a wire and uses an alternative hanging method?

- Reading through the full campaign page, it feels like it lacks substance. There's a section about what the product does, and then a breakdown of where the money goes and that's it. I'd add more information about how the product works, and more about your fulfillment schedule

- The pictures make it seem like it auto levels itself, but in the patent-pending design section, it says easy to adjust. Which is it, does it make it level itself or does it make it easy for you to level it?

- $25 for 3 hangers when you could just use 3 nails and adjust it yourself will seem pricey to most people. I'm not suggesting a price change, I get that production and shipping can be expensive and this is probably as cheap as you can go, but I think you should do more to justify the price. Sure, it's convenient to have it auto adjust, but you need to justify why this hanging solution is 10x better than just using nails. If you can successfully describe this advantage, it will help get pledges a lot

- In the video, some of the edges of the hang n lock look very jagged and uneven. Assuming this is a prototype and the final product will be more uniform, I'd be sure to mention the final product will be molded and the one in the pictures and videos is just a prototype.
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I think the Kickstarter page is "fine"; pretty much standard fare for lots of projects. All of the comments and suggestions thus far are legitimate. The product has some fairly obvious issues. Concerns about "no wire" hanging, weight and size of frames, and potential "standard" cost, are high on the list.

I haven't read every word of every post, but my first reaction was that two nails being hammered straight into nothing but drywall could make the product completely unusable, or worse, a big safety issue. At the very least, if nails are to be used, they would need to be angled down if punched into drywall alone, and the product would need to "enforce" that by using holes drilled at an appropriate angle. The possibility of finding studs for every possible picture hanging location is pretty slim. Likewise, the need for using anchors from time to time would need to be addressed.

Being a non-engineer, it would still seem that multiple sizes of the product would be appropriate both from a practical application standpoint as well as cost. It seems like smaller versions would still be able to function as expected for smaller and lighter frame sizes.

As for non-wired frames, it's certainly simple to make them wired if desired so I, personally, don't consider that to be a big issue. Experience hanging all sorts of frames tells me that using wire for any but the smallest is the only practical method for easily hanging any of them straight. Same goes for adjusting out-of-kilter frames. Obviously, if any frame is hung with at least two stationary mounts, it's highly unlikely that it would ever be off-center; it just better be hung correctly the first time. ;)

Lastly, I think my own biggest concern for the project would be the actual potential demand. Design and engineering can all be addressed, but unless the cost is extremely competitive to other frame-hanging solutions, I worry that most folks won't pony up for something that merely prevents them from having to take less than a few seconds to straighten one or two wall-hangings every now and then. Again, my own experience over 50+ years is that the perceived "problem" just isn't in need of anything but the most simple and inexpensive of solutions.
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The lock and key storage solutions offered by Money Opportunity - Hang N Locks Picture Hanger act as a lock and key storage solution to your household items or business inventory.
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