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Count me in for the giveaway! I'll post a reply and leave my detailed feedback.
This looks like a good campaign. I'll probably back it.
Price seems low.
Price seems fair.
Price seems a little high.
I understand why I'd want this shoe.
I don't understand why I'd want this shoe.
I. Love. These. Shoes!!
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Fri Mar 01, 2019 2:09 pm

Hi everyone, Ethan here United By Blue. To reiterate what Steven said, thanks so much for all of the feedback you've provided. We're hoping to make this as successful of a campaign as possible, and your feedback is very pointed and helpful as we put the finishing touches on the page.

Speaking of finishing touches, many of you mentioned the video stills on the landing page. I'm excited to say that we've put the final videos (hero and material deep dives) on the Kickstarter page. They are final and have gone through a handful of revisions and edits, so don't go too hard on us if you see a mistake or wish something was different :)

That said, feel free to head to the page and watch the videos before the public has access to them on Monday. Thanks again for all your help,
Ethan Peck
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Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:23 pm

The update looks great! The lead video is slightly long, but the first minute has all the essential info. The deep dives offer something extra for anyone interested in the materials, which is really what makes this project stand out. It must have all been in production already, but the content addresses a lot of the questions I saw here - I even got my snippet on biomechanics. Shoe close-up on top, bullet points on performance - I like it, and think you'll do well.

Per someone's comment that it's not 100% clear that the pledge includes shipping - I think that's still the case. When I see campaigns with pledges presented this way, in this price range, I usually expect S&H to be included (at least domestically), but I could see some users worrying about that.

Easy fix: Bamboo (looked like that was a response to someone's comment!) isn't listed in the materials overview.
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Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:58 pm

We've had so much good feedback on this! It makes us very happy to see members putting forth this effort to help creators during prelaunch (and to get some cool shoes in the process ;) ).

Because of all the great feedback here, we've secured (10) total pairs for the feedback giveaway! :o We'll have a lot of lucky members getting some sweet Chukka's for their feedback effort. Way to go everyone! Shout out to United by Blue and SOLE for the great partnership. Members, please show them so love after launch. And stay tuned via the website and newsletters - I hear we may be able to convince them for some extra gear for a little social media sharing contest in the Lounges....

Going to update the opening post to the thread to mention the update.
Steven F.
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Sat Mar 02, 2019 7:06 pm

The campaign page looks professional and well put together, albeit very long. I was interested and continued to read, but I'm not sure how many people have the attention span to listen to all of the videos and scroll, scroll, scroll to get through all of the information.

I realize that I may not be the target consumer, but personally I don't buy shoes because they are eco friendly. They need to look good, fit comfortably, perform well and last. If they're also good for the environment, then that's a plus. I know there are others who will put sustainability first, but I that's not my primary concern. The challenge for you is how to position this so that you attract the largest audience without alienating them.

I do think one thing that is missing is discussing the durability of the shoe. If the sole is going to wear out quickly or the upper is not durable, then it's not eco friendly. How will the sole hold up to an uneven terrain? I can envision myself having to pick gravel out of the holes, something that frustrates me with certain sneakers.

What happens when the rice rubber sole wears down? Can they be resoled? The part near the heel looks very thin and this is the area most susceptible to wear, at least for me. I'm not sure that this will last more than a few months before I've worn down the back heel and am down to the cork.

You are trying to market these as all-season and for all activities, from strolling around town to the adventurer, but I'm left with a number of questions. Many people still view wool as a winter fabric and don't understand the breathability and wicking aspects that make it good for summer climates. Now you're introducing bison fiber/ BisonShield insulation - "insulation", "superior warmth", "retains heat when wet" all leaves me with the impression that my feet are going to sweat in milder temperatures. When I read the reviews from the Ultimate American Jacket campaign, people comment on the superior warmth from the BisonShield. I don't like when my feet are warm. You need to better explain how BisonShield insulation regulates temperatures and won't leave our feet sweating.

Many people also think wool is itchy. What about the bison fiber. Reading reviews from your sock campaign, there were a lot of complaints about the bison fiber being incredible itchy. I saw a few comments in the jacket campaign about the hairs poking through the outside jacket. How do I know the same won't happen with the shoes?

These don't look like the rugged outdoor shoe that I would pick when going for a hike, walk in the forest or out in the snow. People will have questions on how the uppers will hold up to abrasions from rocks, branches, thorns, or trampling through mud, etc. Additionally, people will have questions on the water repellency. The water may repel if you're caught in a drizzle, but what happens if there's a downpour or you trudge through a puddle of water or slush? Are my feet going to be soaking wet? Will the shoes get heavy from the dampness/wetness? How long will they take to dry if they get soaked?

People will make comparisons to Allbirds given the similar look of the uppers. I'm not a big fan of Allbirds as I don't find them very comfortable due to the lack of support. I would never go out for a hike in them because the uppers have zero structure to them which doesn't bode well if you are walking on uneven terrain (not to mention their soles have zero grip). I'd have the same concerns with these since you point out that they have compressible uppers. I don't need my foot sliding forward if I'm walking on a decline.

I think you need to address these points via the FAQ. There's nothing worse than marketing something as being for all season and able to handle rugged conditions and have it fall short of expectations.

I'd also address the arch support in the FAQ as people will want to understand that better especially if they have a high instep or low arches. Is the footbed removable?

Sizing: sizing is always an issue as there is little consistency across brands. Measuring your foot only goes so far. I am always concerned when I don't see half sizes. You need to address returns/exchanges in the event the shoe doesn't fit.

Same question as others re shipping cost.

I'm sure you will easily hit your goal without addressing any of these items. But I don't think you want to simply hit your goal, but instead crush it by raising 10x or more of the goal. Beef up the FAQ with some robust Q&A and you'll likely do that.

In the end I'm not sure why I need these or should buy them beyond the fact that I like the way they look.
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Wed Mar 06, 2019 1:24 am

Congrats on the launch! Fingers crossed on winning a pair! :)
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Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:18 pm

And the winners have been chosen!!

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. You all deserve a major pat on the back. I wish we had 20+ pairs to give away here :D

The winners:
  1. SteveD
  2. whalehk
  3. alanraisma
  4. Simbalion
  5. Freakstirer
  6. Londoner
  7. zeehan
  8. nfo
  9. joshdog2014
  10. wco
Instructions: the winners will be receiving an email from the BackerClub Team requesting information from you. We need you to answer this email within 5 days or we will pass along your giveaway to a new winner.

How this will work: You will make a regular pledge on the campaign (or keep a current one) and then UBB will process PayPal refunds for the value of (1) pair of Chukkas after the end of the campaign.

Winners can ask specific questions about the giveaway via email. Any general questions can be asked here and we will do our best to answer promptly.

Thanks again everyone!
Steven F.
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