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Thu Oct 22, 2020 12:05 pm

Hey Everyone!

I’m in need of some advice for a card game I currently have live on Kickstarter. I’m a little over 80% funded, which is AWESOME, but I’m down to 2 weeks left in the campaign and seem to have hit a bit of a plateau.

So I’m looking for ideas, or possible things I’ve missed. I’ve been as active as possible on social, I’ve sent the game to various play-testers and reviewers, I’ve done a few interviews for the game, I’ve given a few demo copies to board game stores around the area, I’ve posted a few times on reddit, etc., and I’m now I’m looking for new ideas!

I’m completely open to any feedback (positive or negative) or ideas you all have to offer. I’m sure you’ve all seen this sort of question a thousand times, but I sincerely appreciate you taking a look!https://nox.tips/ https://xender.vip/